The Loving Aspects of Claritask

Project management software is essential to IT development teams, construction, and engineering projects. Project managers around the world rely on the platform to deliver satisfied results to customers. Claritask is MyDev's project management platform which is user friendly, mobile friendly, and has every feature a manager would need, eliminating any reason to use a different platform, one particular missing feature.

With Claritask, project managers really feel like they have a total workspace. We asked users (manages) to inform us what their favorite aspects of the platform are.  Favorites include: searchability, a plethora of notifications, the ability to leave comments, and the recover button.


With Claritask, users can search anything, a project, task, comment, or employee via keywords.  This means when you’re searching for a task, you can find it by just one word that is related to it. Talk about convenience!


Managers want their employees to be notified about any changes to tasks, projects, or groups.  Notifications are sent to employees and clients alike inside the platform and via email. So, for example if Sam and Eric are unassigned from a task and reassigned elsewhere, all parties involved within both the old and new task/group will be notified. Even clients can be notified of all changes and they can be granted access to oversee work in the platform, reducing the headache of phone calls or waiting time in meetings. If notifications ever get annoying, no issue, users can turn them off.


Task comments within Claritask act almost as if they are live chat feeds. Again, even when a comment is posted a notification is sent to all co-workers assigned. Users can upload multiple files or photos within the comments section. This is convenient when a coworker wants to screenshot, circle, or add text to what they’re seeing on their screen to share with others. 


Mistakes happen, new hires or interns are not as disciplined or focused yet in a new office, so things get deleted by accident. Thankfully, Claritask has a "recover" feature in which the admin (project manager) can re-populate anything that is deleted, a huge relief to any newbie that thinks their entire day's work is gone! 

The features above may not be new or sexy, they relate to most project management systems.  However, the layout, and ease to navigate through Claritask is truly appreciated amongst project managers.  The software is a valuable workspace because it offers a high degree of convenience to the workday. Keeping things simple is important, just like how assigning tasks within the Claritask is as simple as drop and click. Try using a project management system today.  Sources show that using such a software like Claritask saves companies 10% operating costs and seriously helps keep deliverables within a client's budget. For employee ownership of responsibilities (tasks) and customer satisfaction of knowing that your office is working within disciplined parameters, try using Claritask, it will force your employees to work effectively.