Project Management In Healthcare

Project Management in healthcare? Is it even a thing? Absolutely, what industry needs to ensure precise, on-time, customer satisfaction other than healthcare? It’s life or death!  According to 2019 CDC statistics, healthcare represents 17.7% of USA’s GDP, no doubt that number has grown since the pandemic. Since healthcare comprises such a large part of our economy it needs to work well and efficiently.  Effective project management in the space ensure all parties involved are satisfied, from patients, stakeholders, to the organization as a whole, let’s dive in:

Cost Conscious Customers

Healthcare costs have outpaced the rise in middle-class family incomes for decades. So, healthcare businesses are constantly dealing with disgruntled customers wanting to save money on their bills. This atmosphere places a lot of pressure on healthcare companies to at least try and find ways to be more efficient and save the customer (patient) a buck or two. Project management streamlines processes to save the customer (patient) money. A project management system like Claritask, will quickly reduce the need for so many staff to be working in the hospital, or at least put them to more valuable first-hand patient work rather than data entry…

A project management system will show the manager on duty which nurse or doctor is assigned to which patient at any given time, current or historical.  Task comments are available for all parties to see so no patient information is ever unknown, hidden, or unnoticed. This open system atmosphere keeps any possible unexpected customer costs at a minimum since no nurse or doctor will perform unnecessary procedures due to lack of knowledge from a previous shift. In healthcare environments, task comments really are critical, so are timesheet reports. Patients don’t need any more expensive medications if they were already given said pills just an hour ago, so having a central dashboard with calendar access gives healthcare professionals a visual for all medication due dates and times. Claritask’s calendar is a simple drag-and-drop process, so it enables managers on duty to replace and assign a new schedule medication or procedures. Keeping a timeline of all patient notes throughout shifts keeps things efficient and optimal to reduce customer end costs.

Hyper Competitive Atmosphere

With customers so hyper-sensitive to skyrocketing healthcare costs, they have very little loyalty to one doctor or another, they just want the best care at the lowest price, enter your competitors. Your organization wants to make money, but it also fears competitors, so it needs to offer the most value while taking a comfortable profit. A project management system provides healthcare companies a framework on how to prioritize, coordinate, and plan resources (time & money) to achieve specific goals, thereby improving your ability to operate competitively. Claritask software is an excellent system to cut the fat, excess spending in areas of your organization that really don’t need so much attention so that you can spend more on customer value and raise your bottom line.

Eliminate Human Factors

Think about improved patient outcomes. Effective project management mitigates the human factor that healthcare projects or processes bring to the table, as much as possible. Less subjective/arbitrary decision making, more objective high statistical probability decision making. Project management can increase the odds of patient success and reduce human error / medical malpractice which lowers insurance costs all around. Project management systems like Claritask offer users (doctors and nurses) “recurring tasks” which automatically trigger on a specific time or date. There’s also subtasks that automatically trigger when a task is completed. Just these two project management features alone can narrow the subjective decision-making process of a healthcare professional by a significant degree.


Whether it’s cutting costs, offering competitive prices, or reducing human error in healthcare decisions, a project management system, like Claritask, is the way to go. Say yes to efficient processes, working smarter than ever before, so your organization can remain focused on offering value and patient wellness. Try Claritask today, even if you’re already using a great project management system, try Claritask, the layout and endless ways of doing things in multiple different windows makes the software so efficient to use vs others (think multiple ways or selecting, deleting, or sending photos with an Android phone vs Apple). Claritask also seamlessly connects with so many other applications from payment processing (iPaymer), to online reputation management (iReview). Anything a hospital or healthcare professional would need to operate their business has an application at a low affordable price.