Project Management Improves Productivity

In our last blog post, we left off by writing about the percentage of organizations that use a project management system, as well as the size of the industry and its forecasted growth. Now, we are going to continue with other industry statistics:


Improved Team Dynamics

A project management system, like Claritask, fosters teamwork, with features like “groups” where managers can run separate teams with their own projects. Groups can represent a department in your workspace, or a product launch needing to be broken down into smaller projects, and more. Well, it turns out that project management software improves team communication by 52%, this is emphasized with Claritask feature “Comment on Task Level” where individuals can
quickly discuss and clarify deliverables with your team. Get non-intrusive notifications and reply about any change in direction if needed.


Improved Efficiency

Due to the improvement in communication, most businesses, over 90%, experience greater efficiency, and productivity. This is because a project management system requires employees to take ownership of tasks and complete them by a certain deadline. In addition, their work is being performed openly on a shared screen with both the admin and his or her co-workers. If a staff member wants to outperform their peers, there’s only one way to do it, by showcasing their work openly on the project management platform, making quarterly reviews very easy for managers, it also makes it easy to know who should get fired.


Time Savings

Project management systems save managers perhaps up to an hour per day, how so? While an hour may not sound like a lot, let’s dive in. Project managers must first spend their time writing up instructions for the tasks they assign to co-workers. Depending on how well the manager can write the instructions to the understanding of the assigned individual equals the enjoyed time savings thereafter. Instead of meeting people in person and having a discussion which can potentially lead to unproductive tangent conversations, project managers can avoid unnecessary meetings with one succinct set of task instructions. How much time is potentially wasted during office meetings where individuals meet to discuss topics that may not serve the organization's interest?  Wouldn't it be better to just get more work done and leave meetings to be done by a smaller number of people? So, time savings is dependent on a project manager's ability to write clear, concise, and understandable instructions to his or her employees.



To conclude, project management platforms serve the interest of making an organization more connected, efficient, and profitable. Using a project management software manager can also involve clients, to watch over the work your employees perform, improving business-to-business relationships, satisfaction, and lead to repeat customers. To keep up with an increasing digital age where so many individuals work remotely or from home, project management systems will continue to rise in popularity and usage. Get with the times and try using a cost-effective system like Claritask, built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.