Project Management Helps No Matter the Industry

The use of project management is growing, and for good reason, no matter the industry, organizations are recognizing its many benefits:

-      The assignment of tasks in an open forum promotes discipline and motivates all employees to perform their best

-        Increased productivity thanks to greater efficiency in the workplace

-        Reduction in time-to-market for products

There are certain industries that are using project management and its methodologies more than others, these include:

Software Development: Software engineers are constantly working remotely and sharing code with one another to tweak and perfect the systems they build. A subsect of project management known as “Agile methodology” is usually implemented in software development. Agile is where a project is broken down into several phases, so there will be individuals performing their assigned coding tasks, within a workgroup, for a certain part of the software.  This is where features like “comment on task level” or “work status” by Claritask, a new and modern project management system are appreciated.

Construction: Project management systems are commonly used in the construction industry to manage large-scale projects such as building skyscrapers, infrastructure, or remodeling. Many safety procedures must be repeated daily, this is where project management features like: “organize in the checklist” or “recurring tasks" comes in handy.

Aerospace and Defense: This industry is known for its complex projects that require the coordination of multiple teams, resources, and suppliers. Claritask features such as “transfer” where employers can move tasks to others, or groups, or vise-versa, nothing is off limits.

Manufacturing: Project management systems are used in manufacturing to maximize the production of goods and optimize the use of resources.  Claritask features that should be highlighted in this industry are: “time tracking” showing exactly how much time everyone has spent on the production of goods as well as “timesheet reports” for weekly or quarterly meetings with the board of directors or shareholders.  In addition, the process of manufacturing heavily involves accounting, fortunately, Claritask connects with all other MyDev and third-party platforms that offer accounting systems.

Healthcare: When health & safety are on the line, efficiency and following a proper process is critical and life-saving, literally. A project management system operating within the healthcare space is used to emphasize clear and thorough communication between departments. This is where Claritask features such as “task description”, “notifications”, and “my tasks” keeps everyone in the hospital up-to-date and accountable for work that is to be performed on a patient.

To conclude, various industries have all recognized the main benefits of using a project management system like Claritask. By using such a platform, managers enjoy the benefits of on-time project completion and higher client satisfaction. If your organization would like to become more successful, start using a project management system like Claritask, with over +50 useful and helpful features, your organization is bound to optimize.