How To Project Manage Like A Pro

For companies just starting to use a project management system for the first time, it can be a daunting task to assign someone in the house as PM (project manager) when they have little to no experience in the role. Luckily there’s a guide to help bring anyone up to speed on how to master the position.  

In a Linkedin article by Natalie Duncan titled “How to project manage, when you don’t project manage” written just recently on Sept 30, 2021, there are numerous things newbies can do to become an expert. Here are the main points: 

Keep a list 

Natalie really emphasizes the importance of keeping a list. Racking up as much information as possible early in the ticketing process or before assigning tasks really pays dividends after a project is completed. Why? Because after a project is completed the firm can go back and review what information was truly vital so that it can improve upon operations or budget in later projects. Also, it's important to keep a list of information with all the details of what is demanded by the client so the project is completed with quality.  

Keep communicating 

Communication is key as Natalie states “keep everyone in the loop with upcoming timelines, include plenty of consultation time because some parts will be fluid and keep reminding everyone of relevant dates.” This process is effortless using Claritask, a free to use project management system offered at Whether it’s issuing or receiving instruction, PM can take control of the project using Claritask by issuing tasks, delegating subtasks, distributing reoccurring tasks, keeping tabs on employees with time tracking, or checking in with everyone on the general dashboard. Employees can even work simultaneously in real-time when the PM offers access to the individuals needed to ensure the project is completed on time in a quality fashion.  

Keep up with your network 

Project manager newbies might not be the most tech-savvy, but no worries, they can reach out to fellow employees or colleagues outside of the business to help catch up on all the options that their PM software has to offer. Consider taking a PM certification course and speaking to other students about how they run their business, perhaps they are in the same industry and can offer some pointers. Attend PM conferences and meet new people in the same role.  

Keep improving your knowledge in every department 

A good project manager needs to know how to be the substitute in any role of the business. For this reason, PM’s need to have some experience working in every department so that they understand how to delegate tasks appropriately and efficiently to individuals suited for the project. Anytime an employee takes vacation time, the PM should be considered to fill in the role while he or she is gone.  

Create a failsafe 

As Natalie states “things don’t always go to plan so always allow a buffer on your timelines.” These days with reoccurring lockdown measures, projects can get delayed outside the delivery demands of clients. Project managers should plan ahead for possible setbacks and think about how they would react to various circumstances. Imagine knowing exactly what to recommend to the CEO the next time a project is in a precarious situation. Project managers can really shine their worth in such situations, so start thinking ahead on what setbacks can occur and record possible solutions. However, using Claritask things like “what if vital information is deleted” is a non-issue. Thanks to Claritak’s “recover” feature, nothing is ever lost, so if a newbie or veteran employee alike delete an important document by accident, it can be instantly re-populated by the PM, no worries. 


In the end, project management really isn’t that difficult, it just takes a manager that can keep a list of information, pay attention to the details, keep in touch with helpful colleagues, have a bit of knowledge in every department, and have contingencies if things are so wrong. Not a lot to ask for right?  


If you are searching for an optimal project management system, try Claritask at and sign up for free today.  

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