Artificial Intelligence & Project Management


Once thought of as an IT segment for robots, automation, and computer learning to solve complex math problems, artificial intelligence is now making its way into project management. How will this affect managers in the future? Let’s find out as there are some interesting developments in the space.


According to the PMI Institute, “AI-based tools can take over functions like meeting planning, reminders, day-to-day updates and other administrative tasks. This will free up project managers and team members to focus on higher-level, complex activities and planning.” Most of these tools are already in place to function automatically in a project management software called Claritask by The managers can simply pre-program the timeline of executing a plan and the employees will receive notifications as to goals they should hit by a certain date. Also, when a project is completed, the AI will reflect on the production costs, and eventually, after enough references, be able to predict project costs for a prospective client. This will be a game-changer since often businesses do not understand the depth or difficulty of what the client wants to achieve.



While AI is seen as a threat to human labour, according to KPMG, businesses are experiencing a 15% improvement in productivity as the computer takes over menial tasks and employees can better focus on the creative or development side of work. The PMI institute adds that AI “has cut the time they spend on activities like monitoring progress, managing documentation, and activity and resource planning,” again diminishing the need to handle menial tasks saving lots of hours.  


Project managers should not view AI as a threat but rather a complementary addition to the team since the computer will “steer projects through difficult decisions and unexpected obstacles.” Just imagine, being in the conference room with all the high-level developers, engineers, and board members, yet no one understands how to solve the issue. In comes the AI suggestion to save the day.


Get ready project managers, you’re not getting replaced, just enhanced!


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